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May 30, 2023

On May 30, an unprecedented ceremony took place in the village of Zovuni, where the "Bazoomq" space research laboratory operates. "Bazoomq" space research laboratory foundation and "Center for Scientific Innovation and Education" foundation solemnly opened their new laboratory building. It is intended for work related to the collection, integration and testing of test samples of small format satellites. The laboratory is equipped with equipment that will provide the special conditions necessary ...

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February 2023

CSIE, in partnership with Bazoomq, is engaged in a project to assemble and operate a satellite for educational purposes. The platform is a CubeSat, which will host an experimental payload for gathering scientific data. The project includes setting up a lab, hiring and training a team of scientists and students with the necessary skills and knowledge to propose new projects. The joint lab will serve as a competence center for conducting space research, training individuals, and undertaking future...

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Bazoomq Space Research Lab is a non-profit organization located in Yerevan, Armenia. Its primary objective is to establish and enhance research capabilities, education, and startup opportunities in Armenia, focusing on cutting-edge advancements. The team boasts a collective experience of over 90 years in the fields of education, science, and technology. Additionally, the lab benefits from the guidance and expertise of an advisory board comprised of distinguished international scientists speciali...

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Our foundation

Our mission is to contribute to the revival of scientific innovation and education in Armenia by establishing an Autonomy Centre of Excellence. Goals and Objectives are (a) Conduct fundamental research in the Science of Autonomy, utilizing the latest developments in Control Theory and Artificial Intelligence, with a focus on robotics and autonomous systems. (b) Educate scholars and students in formulating cutting-edge research problems and cultivating a competitive mindset. (c) Utilize our international network of scholars to establish the Global Armenian Robotics Hub. (d) Attract top facul...


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Anna Tonoyan

Srbuhi Ohanyan

Artur Ghazaryan

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