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November 20, 2023

In only a few days, the FIRST ARMENIAN satellite will take flight. On December 1 at 10:00 a.m. (US time) Hayasat-1 will be launched into space by a Space rocket from Vanderberg Space Force Base. "Hayasat-1" is a satellite of CubeSat format. This type provides a cost-effective means of access to space and a wide range of missions and research activities, making them an integral part of the field of space exploration. Technical description of Hayasat-1 includes a number of subsystems, particular...

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April, 2023

"Introduction to Control Systems" is a comprehensive course designed to provide students with an understanding of the fundamental concepts in the theory and application of feedback control systems. With a focus on linear time-invariant systems, the course covers key topics such as dynamical systems modelling, qualitative and quantitative stability and robustness analysis, time-domain and frequency-domain analysis, controller and observer design, and state-space representation. Supported by lab c...

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The National Polytechnic University of Armenia (NPUA) is a prestigious technical institution in Armenia and recognized internationally. It boasts impressive scientific and research capabilities, comprising various centers, institutions, departments, and laboratories. The university is actively engaged in research in diverse fields, including mathematical modeling of complex technical systems, automation and management systems, nanotechnology, information technology and informatics, machine learn...

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Our foundation

Our mission is to contribute to the revival of scientific innovation and education in Armenia by establishing an Autonomy Centre of Excellence. Goals and Objectives are (a) Conduct fundamental research in the Science of Autonomy, utilizing the latest developments in Control Theory and Artificial Intelligence, with a focus on robotics and autonomous systems. (b) Educate scholars and students in formulating cutting-edge research problems and cultivating a competitive mindset. (c) Utilize our international network of scholars to establish the Global Armenian Robotics Hub. (d) Attract top facul...


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Zhirayr Tovmasyan

Artur Ghazaryan

Anna Tonoyan

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